The Wise Fool Tarot deck is a modern interpretation of ancient archetypes. It has 85 original cards painted by Cade Burkhammer, including a 140-paged book. The Wise Fool Tarot (WFT) is based on the mysterious dogma of the traditional Tarot Major and Pip cards. It is a combination of beautifully detailed artwork and clever conglomerations of various esoteric and contemporary perceptions of the human experience. It consists of 88 paintings on 12x18 inch wood. WFT is a colorful, inspiring, funny, and dark contradiction. There are seven added cards: two Devils, two Worlds, and a “Muggle” card preceding the Major Fool. Four Pip Fools are added in order to keep in check the powerful suit and element they represent. There is the Fool’s story running through out both the Major Arcana cards and the four individual suites of Minor cards. The four suites have a list of about 20 characteristics unique to their suit such as direction, element, time of day, age, color, etc.The Minor cards are designed to play poker games with if so desired... FULL TEXT
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